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We like to present ourselves as, Max Secure Outsource Pvt. Ltd . Presents smartly uniformed, highly trained and well supervised Security Personnel responsible for security and safety of – assets, personnel & property against losses due to thefts, pilferage, intrusions, fire, flooding and accidents and also provide the best manpower, Pay rolling, Statutory Labor Compliance.

Max Secure Outsource Pvt. Ltd are specially designed, to cater the special and specific requirements to the changing threat prospect, giving special emphasis on Selections, Training and Supervision. 24 hours Control Centers responds to operational support at the earliest possible time.
  • MAX is the leading HR consulting and outsourcing firm for Staffing, Outsourcing and Training etc believe-in delivering highest service and specialized service enabled business solutions to our clients business and problems. Our specialization is innovation and applying knowledge derived intersection of industries expertise with HR consulting capabilities.
  • We deliver matchless business value to clients through a fair excellence in process. Our ability to continually meet client’s expectations is based on establishment of comprehensive systems and processes on skills and resources. Its supreme innovation network and solution catalysts, we focuses on aiding globally address their business challenges effectively.
Payroll Outsourcing Services
  • Payroll processing
  • Reimbursement processing
  • Query management/Help Desk
  • Full & Final Settlement Processing
  • Generation of Form 16 every year
  • Record Maintenance & Retention
  • Statutory reports generation and filing of necessary statutory returns
  • Preparation of Salary Journal Voucher report
  • Salary & Benefits structuring consulting
  • Standard Reports & MIS
  • Pay slips e-mailing
Statutory Compliance Outsourcing
  • Registration under different labor laws i.e. ESI Act, PF Act, Factory Act, Minimum Wages Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Company's Act etc.
  • Maintenance of Records, Registers and PF and ESI Challans.
  • Remittance of Statutory dues
  • Submission of Monthly, Half yearly and annual returns.
  • Dealing with the Inspector for P.F. Inspection, ESI inspection and any other purpose.
Payroll Processing Awareness Program
  • How to prepare and apply the salary structure in the organization?
  • What deductions should be done as per the statutory Act?
  • What are the different components of the salary structure i,e, Basic Pay, HRA, LTA, Medical reimbursement?
  • What should be the legal format of the salary slip?
  • How to compute the monthly salary according to the attendance?
  • What method should be followed for the computation of the salary?
  • How to claim for the reimbursement i.e medical reimbursement, conveyance etc.
Statutory Compliance Awareness Program
  • Which laws are applicable?
  • How to do the Registration under different labour laws i.e. ESI Act, PF Act, Factory Act, Minimum Wages Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Company Act etc?
  • Which Records and Registers are records are required to be maintained under the laws applicable?
  • What should be the format of Registers and Records to be maintained?
  • What are statutory dues to be paid?
  • When and in which format the Statutory dues to be paid?
  • How to create and maintain the Records, Registers and PF and ESI Challans?
  • How to prepare and Submit Monthly, Half yearly and annual returns?
  • How to deal with the Inspector for P.F. Inspection, ESI inspection and any other purpose?
Guarding Services carry out the following functions at individual premises: -
  • Vigilance
  • Access/Gate House Control
  • Reception Management
  • External & Internal Patrols
  • Periphery Guarding
  • Theft & threat Control
  • Vehicle Checks & Parking Management
  • Man & Material Movement administration
  • Emergences Procedure & Response
  • Fire fighting & First aid administration
The success of our Guarding Division can be attributed to our approach to this business. The Group’s guarding personnel are direct employees of Max. They are carefully selected, thoroughly vetted and properly trained. Max guards are smartly uniformed, equipped and well supervised.
The Group firmly believes in three main criteria in providing quality-guarding services: SELECTION, TRAINING, and SUPERVISION.
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